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Friday, July 20th, 2018
Warped Tour was amazing. We can’t believe that it’s the last one! Thank you again to Kevin Lyman and The Lemmon Stage for having us. We love you! We are back home now from our European tour and are focusing on releasing our new record State of the art! We have some FANTASTIC news to hopefully announce soon. More information to follow. 
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Warped Tour
Tuesday, July 17th, 2018
Vans Warped Tour wow! Thank you for an amazing show. It’s hard to believe we finished our European tour two days ago and came home to this! Thank you Kevin Lyman and Lemmon Stage for having us. We love you. Warped tour will always be remembered
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Home/Warped Tour
Monday, July 16th, 2018
We finally made it home from Europe! The tour is not over! Tomorrow we play the very last Warped Tour on the Lemmon Stage.  Let’s rock! Set times will be announced tomorrow. The entire festival is almost sold out.
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June 28, 2018
Tervuren, Belgium
De Kaaf
07:00 PM
June 29, 2018
Lille, France
Bobble Cafe
07:00 PM
June 30, 2018
Paris, France
07:00 PM
July 3, 2018
Toulouse, France
La Cave à Rock
07:00 PM
July 4, 2018
Nimes, France
London Tavern
07:00 PM
July 6, 2018
Casalpusterlengo (Lodi), Italy
Kinesi Club
07:00 PM