About We Outspoken
We Outspoken Is:
Lead Vocals/Guitar

We Outspoken, a voice for those who want and need to be heard, a stance above the crowd. An inclusive movement, philosophy, and driving force that four musicians have cultivated into an art form that expands the medium of music into something relative, real, and true, calling their audience to be outspoken; to live the life they choose.

Authentic, edgy, and disciplined are some words used to describe the sound and focus of the band We Outspoken from Toronto, Canada. The year of 2008 brought together Anthony Mascarin (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Alex Mascarin (drums), Joe Manchisi (lead guitar/backup vocals), and Chris Andrews (bass), in hopes of creating their dream of playing in a band, not making music a pastime, but making it a career.

Like scientists We Outspoken spent their early years and many hours writing, recording, touring and performing—getting their feet wet; understanding the music business with a “do it yourself” attitude.

Anthony and Alex created Outspoken Entertainment, a label and management company proving that you are nothing without a good business prospective. Under Outspoken Entertainment, We Outspoken have had the opportunity of running a lot of shows; their biggest was a show for American rock band, The Ataris in 2007. We Outspoken funded, marketed, promoted, and managed the show. We Outspoken toured with The Ataris in 2008, 2009 and in 2011 toured with singer Kris Roe, playing many of his hits with him such as, “In this diary”, “The boys of summer” and “San Dimas” proving their great camaraderie and teamwork (www.youtube.com/outspokenrock).

We Outspoken have released three albums and three EPs: Born a boy...raised a punk (2003), Hear we go (2008), Self-titled (2012), New heights EP (2013) Musicomonaia EP (2014) and All the right pieces (2016) under Outspoken Entertainment. All of these albums made their way onto shelves and digital stores across the world. This feat made things very real for We Outspoken; a profit was being made, tours were happening, merchandise was selling; a medium was being marketed and sold. 

Five songs off We Outspoken’s Self-titled album have been licensed in a video game created by Distinctive Developments, called Downhill Xtreme. The second single, “Crisis” has been the flagship song of Downhill Xtreme. “Crisis” has been featured in numerous commercials and advertisements for the game which has generated over 15 million downloads. We Outspoken's music is also in the game's next installment, Downhill Xtreme 2. Skateboard Party 2&3, Snowboard Party and Snowboard Pary 2 developed by Rat Rod Studios have also licensed We Outspoken's music in their video games. First Touch Games has jumped onboard as well and has included We Outspoken's music in their game Dream League Soccer. BMX The Game, is another video game that is currently in development and has included We Outspoken's music too. A release date is still be announced.

The band have also released 7 music videos for their singles: “I don’t know”, “The fall out”, “Crisis”, "A million people watching", "It's not alright", "Get up and fight" and "All the right pieces" all in conjunction with Toronto based film production company, Rawfootage Productions.

A lot of their music has been featured in many international and domestic magazines including Canada’s Faze Magazine, Germany’s Outspoken Magazine/OX-Fanzine, and Ride UK, BMX Magazine, along with being on three international and domestic CD compilations: HIV Yellow Head Comp, Pop-Punk Comp, and CBC/Tea Volume Comp. 

We Outspoken have made some radio appearances on the Jason Ellis Show (Sirius/XM- Los Angeles). The band returned later in 2010 for a summer tour in California, playing in Hollywood at the Viper Room with Matt Sorum (drummer of Guns and Roses/The Cult/Velvet Revolver) and his new band, The Darling Stiletos. We Outspoken were also invited back to play at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, for Ellismania 7 and at Ellismania 8 in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel for a performance with music legend Unwritten Law. We Outspoken have also played and toured with Yellow Card, New Found Glory, Sum41, Less than Jake, Four Year Strong, Reel Big Fish and many other bands on the Vans Warped. Live Nation have also worked with We Outspoken, playing shows with Gob, Die Mannequin, Pennywise, Face to Face, and opening up for many acts across the country, offering local and tour support.

The years of 2008-2016 saw We Outspoken tour in Europe, Asia, North America and South America with already announced dates for their world tour in 2017-2018.

 We Outspoken and their dedication, hard work and passion, have gained them more recognition as an independent band amongst thousands.

Here they stand…

You are the movement, together we are outspoken.